Insert - Add Variables

Ribbon bar. Select the Edit tab. In the Insert group, click Variables and from the menu, select Add (or select the Data tab. In the Variables group, click Variables and from the menu, select Add)...

Classic menus. From the Insert menu, select Add Variables (or from the Data - Variables submenu, select Add)... display the Add Variables dialog box, which is used to insert variables into the spreadsheet.

Specify how many new variables to add to the spreadsheet and where to add them. You can also specify the name, variable type (see Variable Types), missing data code, length, and display format of the new variable(s). You can type a more detailed name or a formula as part of the variable's definition in the Long name box. Click the Functions button to display the Function Browser, which is used to enter predefined functions into the formula. For further details on entering formulas into the Long name box, see How do I calculate (transform) values of a variable?.