Insert - Object

Ribbon bar. Select the Edit tab. In the Insert group, click OLE Object...

Classic menus. From the Insert menu, select Object (or click the toolbar button located on the Graph Tools toolbar)... display the Insert Object dialog box, which is used to insert an object into the spreadsheet.

To create a new object to insert into the spreadsheet, select the Create New option button and choose from the list of available object types in the Object Type box.

To insert an existing object into the spreadsheet, select the Create from File option button. You can either enter a path and file name in the File box or click the Browse button to search for the desired file. If you select the Link check box, the inserted file is updated in both the spreadsheet and in the original location.

Select the Display as Icon check box to show an icon in the spreadsheet instead of the actual contents of the object. When the Display As Icon check box is selected, you can click the Change Icon button to display the Change Icon dialog box, which is used to modify the icon that is displayed in the spreadsheet.

The Result field gives a brief explanation of what STATISTICA will do based on the current options selected in the Insert Object dialog box. After you have made your selections, click the OK button to insert the object into the spreadsheet or the Cancel button to exit the dialog box without inserting any objects. See How do I insert an object into the spreadsheet? for further details.