Tools - Weight

Ribbon bar. Select the Tools tab. Click Weight ...

Classic menus. From the Tools menu, select Weight (or click the toolbar button located on the Spreadsheet toolbar)... display the Spreadsheet Case Weights dialog box, which is used to specify case weights for the current spreadsheet.

Use this dialog box to "adjust" the contribution of individual cases to the outcome of an analysis by "weighting" those cases in proportion to the values of a selected variable. Use the Weight variable box to designate the variable in the spreadsheet to be used as the weight variable. You can type the variable name (or number) or double-click on the box (or press F2 on your keyboard) to open the Select Variable dialog box. After you have selected the weight variable, select the On option button in the Status group and click the OK button. Note that when On is selected in the Status group, the status bar displays Weight: ON. If Off is selected, the status bar displays Weight: OFF.

In most types of analyses, the values of the weights are rounded to the nearest integer and used as case multipliers when the data file is processed. The statistical procedures in some analyses can use fractional weights; in those types of STATISTICA analyses, specific information about how weights enter into the computations is described in the help windows of the analyses.

Note that case weights can also be specified locally for only the current analysis/graph (and hence not be tied to the current spreadsheet) by clicking the  button. This button is included on all Startup Panels and all analysis/graph definition dialog boxes that are displayed before the data processing begins.