View - Display Selected Cases

Ribbon bar. Select the View tab. In the Display group, click Display Options and from the menu, select Selected Cases...

Classic menus. From the View menu, select Display Selected Cases (or click the toolbar button on the Spreadsheet toolbar)... toggle between displaying and not displaying the cases in the spreadsheet that are currently selected using the defined case selection conditions.

If you select to display selected cases, they will have a different spreadsheet layout applied to them to make them stand out from the rest of the data. By default, selected cases appear italicized, but this default Selection Conditions Spreadsheet Layout can be changed:

Ribbon bar. Select the Tools tab. Click Selection Conditions and from the menu, select Edit...

Classic menus. From the Tools - Selection Conditions submenu, select Edit... display the Spreadsheet Case Selection Conditions dialog box. Select the Display tab. Click the Edit Format button to display the Edit Spreadsheet Layout: Selection Conditions dialog box, where you can change the format.

Note that this command is only available when Selection Conditions have been turned on by toggling Enable from the Tools - Selection Conditions menu.

See also: Format - Overview, Spreadsheet Layouts - Overview, and Tools - Selection Conditions - Display.