Moving Variables

Unlike the Clipboard operations of cutting and pasting the contents of a highlighted range or block of values in the spreadsheet, this option will remove both the contents of the column(s) and the column(s) itself (regardless of whether or not all cases or only a subset of cases are currently highlighted for the respective variables) and insert the columns in the designated position in the spreadsheet. Therefore, the size of the file will remain the same.

You can move one or more variables in the spreadsheet by designating the range (inclusive) of variables to be moved and the location (variable to insert after) in the Move Variables dialog box. You can easily replace the selection of one variable name with another by clicking on the Variable edit fields in the Move Variables dialog box to display the list of variables in the current spreadsheet from which you can select the desired variable. See also: How to Move Before Variable 1, Adding Variables, Copying Variables, and Deleting Variables.