How do I create a new cell/block format?

A format is a group of formatting options that you can save with an assigned name for future use. Formats can be assigned to numbers as well as text. To create a new format in a spreadsheet, follow these instructions:

Ribbon bar. Select the Format tab. In the Block group, click Format Manager to display the Format Manager dialog box.

Classic menus. On the Format - Block submenu, select Format Manager to display the Format Manager dialog box.

Click the New button to display the Format Name dialog box. Enter a name in the Name box.

Click the OK button to display the Edit Format dialog box, which contains four tabs: Number, Alignment, Font, and Border. In the illustration below, on the Font tab, the Bold check box has been selected in the Style/Effect group and the Text Color box has been changed to navy.

Click the OK button to close the Edit Format dialog box. The format that was just created is added to the list of formats available in the Format Manager dialog box, and the format is included on the Formats menu (ribbon bar - Format tab, Block group, click Formats) and the Format - Block submenu (classic menus).

You can now apply this format to new selections (see How do I apply a format?).