Can I create a custom list to use for extrapolation?

Yes. In the Options dialog box, select the Custom Lists tab, where you can edit or create custom lists for STATISTICA to use.

The Custom lists box reports all the custom lists currently available in STATISTICA.

To see the entries included in a custom list, select it here, and the entries are shown in the List entries box.

To create a new list, select NEW LIST, and enter the list items for it in the List entries box. Once you have added all the items for the new list, click the Add button, and the list is added to those in the Custom lists box.

When entering data in spreadsheets, you can enter the first couple of items in the list, and then use extrapolation to fill in the remaining cases in the spreadsheet (as shown below).


See How does the extrapolation of blocks (AutoFill) work? for more information.