How do I set up OLE links between Statistica and other Windows applications?

You can establish OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) links between a source (or server) file (e.g., a Microsoft Word document) and a Statistica document (the client file) so that when changes are made to the data in the source file, the data are automatically updated in the respective part of the Statistica document (client file). Additionally, Statistica can serve as a "source" (or server) file for other OLE compatible documents. In this way, you could link the values in a Statistica Spreadsheet to a table in a Microsoft Word document so that the Word document updates when data in the spreadsheet are changed.

OLE links are established using the quick, "paste-like" Paste Link option in the Paste Special dialog box. To create an OLE Link within a Statistica document, first copy to the Clipboard the desired text (or values) from another Windows application. Then (in Statistica), select Paste Special from the Edit menu to display the Paste Special dialog box. Select the Paste Link option button, specify the correct format in the As group, and click the OK button to establish the link using the source given in the Source field.

When a link is established, it can be managed using the Links dialog box (select Links from the Edit menu). Use this dialog box to update or break a link, open the source file or change to a different source file, and determine whether updates will be automatic or manual.