Can variables be selected for analyses by highlighting them in the spreadsheet?

Yes. If you select a block in the spreadsheet, the variables included in the block are automatically preselected for the next analysis. This shortcut is designed to limit the chance of producing unintended results in the following ways:

  • The preselection of variables by marking a block in the spreadsheet works only as long as you have not selected a specific list of variables for the analysis (i.e., it never overwrites your previous choices; STATISTICA remembers your previous choices).

  • If the variables from the block are not what you intend to analyze, you do not need to "undo" the selection. When you display the variable selection dialog, the list of preselected variables is selected; thus, the first click of the mouse clears the previous range (unless you keep the CTRL key pressed). If you prefer to use the keyboard to specify the list, then the first (non-cursor moving) key you press deletes the previous entry in the variable selection edit field.

See also, Range of Numeric Values that Can Be Entered or Stored in Cells.