Spreadsheet Formulas - Syntax Operators

The mathematical operators that may be used in functions are as follows:



+, -, *, /, **


^ , ( )


<, >, >=, <=, <>


AND (equivalent to &)

Logical (see Examples)

OR (equivalent to |)

Logical (see Examples)

NOT (equivalent to ~)

Logical (see Examples)

Note: A common error is caused by omitting parenthesis needed to adjust for the precedence of operators; for example, the expression x > 0 and x < 1 is incorrect and needs parentheses: (x > 0) and (x < 1) because relational operators (here, > and <) have a lower precedence than the conjunction (and).

See also: Spreadsheet Formulas - Overview, Spreadsheet Formulas - Syntax Summary, Spreadsheet Formulas - Examples.

For transformations of text variables (variables of type text), see also, Transformation of Text Variables (Variables of Type Text). Note that Statistica spreadsheets also support text labels for numeric values (these are labels "attached" to numeric values, which are used for display purposes only); when transforming the values with attached text labels, the respective transformations are performed on the numeric representations, and not on the text labels.