Spreadsheet Formulas - Distributions and Their Functions

Statistica provides a predefined broad selection of distribution functions, their integrals and inverse distribution functions that can be used in spreadsheet formulas like all other functions.

Below is a list of all available distributions (parameters are given in parentheses).


Density or Probability Function

Distribution Function

Inverse Distribution Function

Beta Distribution

beta (x,u,w)

ibeta (x,u,w)

vbeta (x,u,w)

Binomial Distribution

binom (x,p,n)

ibinom (x,p,n)


Cauchy Distribution

cauchy (x,h,q)

icauchy (x,h,q)

vcauchy (x,h,q)

Chi-square Distribution

chi2 (x,u)

ichi2 (x,u)

vchi2 (x,u)

Exponential Distribution

expon (x,l)

iexpon (x,l)

vexpon (x,l)

Extreme Distribution

extreme (x,a,b)

iextreme (x,a,b)

vextreme (x,a,b)

F Distribution

F (x,u,w)

iF (x,u,w)

vF (x,u,w)

Gamma Distribution

gamma (x,c)

igamma (x,c)

vgamma (x,c)

Geometric Distribution

geom (x,p)

igeom (x,p)


Johnson Distribution

Johnson From Moments

Laplace Distribution

laplace (x,a,b)

ilaplace (x,a,b)

vlaplace (x,a,b)

Logistic Distribution

logis (x,a,b)

ilogis (x,a,b)

vlogis (x,a,b)

Lognormal Distribution

lognorm (x,m,s)

ilognorm (x,m,s)

vlognorm (x,m,s)

Noncentral Student's t Distribution

NoncentralT(x,df, ncp)

INoncentralT(x,df, ncp)

VNoncentralT(prob, df, ncp)

Normal Distribution

normal (x,m,s)

inormal (x,m,s)

vnormal (x,m,s)

Pareto Distribution

pareto (x,c)

ipareto (x,c)

vpareto (x,c)

Poisson Distribution

poisson (x,l)

ipoisson (x,l)


Rayleigh Distribution

rayleigh (x,b)

irayleigh (x,b)

vrayleigh (x,b)

Student's t Distribution

student (x,df)

istudent (x,df)

vstudent (x,df)

Weibull Distribution

weibull (x,b,c,q)

iweibull (x,b,c,q)

vweibull (x,b,c,q)

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