Using the Print Preview Window

To access the Print Preview window:

Ribbon bar. Select the File tab. In the left pane, select Print. In the right pane, click Print Preview.

Classic menus. From the File menu, select Print Preview, or click the Print Preview toolbar button.

You can also access the Print Preview window from the Print Spreadsheet dialog box by clicking the Preview button.

Before you print a spreadsheet, it is useful to see how the spreadsheet will look when you print it. The way a spreadsheet appears in the window depends on the resolution of your printer and the available fonts and colors. The status bar at the bottom of the window shows the current page number.

The Margins group lists the margin information for Left, Right, Top, and Bottom margins, as well as how far the header and footer will print from the edge of the page. You can modify the margin information in any of these fields by entering new measurements and clicking Adjust. You can also adjust the margins by dragging the dashed lines (which correspond to the six margin measurements) to the desired location.

The Header/Footer button accesses the header and footer information for the spreadsheet (see Create a Custom Header or Footer).

Print. Click the Print button to access the Print dialog box.

Next page. Click the Next Page button to view the next page of the active spreadsheet in the Print Preview window.

Prev page. Click the Prev Page button to view the previous page of the active spreadsheet in the Print Preview window.

Two page. Click the Two Page button to see a two-page view of the active spreadsheet in the Print Preview window.

Margins. Click the Margins button to show or hide the margin information at the right side of the Print Preview window.

Zoom in. Click the Zoom In button to magnify the view of the active spreadsheet.

Zoom out. Click the Zoom Out button to decrease the magnification of the view.

Close. Click the Close button to close the Print Preview window and return to an editable view of the active spreadsheet.

See also: Printing a Spreadsheet.