Classification Trees Results - Quick Tab

Selecting the "Right-Sized" Tree

Select the Quick tab of the Classification Trees Results dialog box to access the options described here.

Summary: Tree structure. Click the Summary: Tree structure button to display the Tree Structure spreadsheet, which contains all the information available to be produced on the Tree graph for the selected tree. This includes for each node in the selected tree:

  1. The left branch and right branch child nodes to which cases or objects are sent if they satisfy, or do not satisfy, respectively, the split condition at a split node.

  2. The number of cases or objects in each observed class that are sent to the node.

  3. The predicted class to which cases sent to the node are assigned.

  4. Information detailing the split condition for a split node. Note that no child nodes or split conditions are displayed for the terminal nodes of the tree.

Classification tree plot. Click the Classification tree plot button to display a graph of the classification tree selected in the analysis. Note that all labels and legends for the graph are produced as custom text, and so may be edited via the Graph Options dialog, moved, or deleted. Use the options under Tree graph options on the Classification Trees Results dialog box - Tree Plot tab to control which labels, legends, and node plot type are produced for the graph.