Variance Estimation and Precision Results

Click the OK button in the Define/Review Model dialog box to display the Variance Estimation and Precision Results dialog box, which contains four tabs: Summary, Residuals, Variance Evaluation, and Means Comparisons.

Use the options on these tabs to review the results of the mixed or random model ANOVA and the analysis of the components of variance for the random effects. Several methods are available for decomposing the sums of squares for the independent variables and estimating the variance components. For details concerning the typical statistics computed in a mixed model ANOVA and their interpretation, refer to the Introductory Overview; see also Computational Details and the Examples. For basic information on ANOVA in linear models, refer to Elementary Statistical Concepts.

Summary. Click the Summary button to produce a STATISTICA Report document containing a Pareto chart for the variance components (if there are random effects in the model), a plot of predicted vs. residuals, a variability plot and the ANOVA table for each selected response variable. If there are more than seven factors in the design, you will be prompted to select the (up to seven) factors to use in the variability plot.

Options. See Options Menu for descriptions of the commands on this menu.

Dependent vars. Select the dependent variable for subsequent tests or graphs chosen from this dialog in the Dependent vars list box. When more than one dependent variable is selected, results (i.e., tests or graphs) will be generated for each selected dependent variable.

Modify. Click the Modify button to display the Define/Review Model dialog box. You will then be able to modify the current analysis.