Variance Components and Mixed Model ANOVA/ANCOVA Results - Quick Tab

Select the Quick tab of the Variance Components and Mixed Model ANOVA/ANCOVA Results dialog to access the options described here.

Dependent variables. Click the Dependent variables button to display the standard variable selection dialog, from which you can select the dependent variables to analyze by highlighting those variables on the list. If multiple dependent variables were specified for the analysis, this option allows you to select a single dependent variable or a subset of dependent variables to analyze.

Note: missing data. If multiple dependent variables are selected for the analysis, STATISTICA will apply casewise deletion of missing data; that is, cases or runs will be deleted from the analysis if there are missing data for any of the dependent variables specified for the analysis. For consistency in the results, casewise deletion of missing data is applied even if only a single dependent variable is selected to be analyzed from a larger list of multiple dependent variables selected for the analysis on the Variance Components and Mixed Model ANOVA/ANCOVA Startup Panel - Quick tab. Thus, be careful when there are missing data present in your dependent variables; the results for those variables without missing data may not be based on all available information (namely, those runs where some other dependent variable had missing data were dropped from the analysis).

Summary: Components of variance. Click the Summary: Components of variance button to display a spreadsheet that displays the variance components for each random effect in the model for each dependent variable. Additional spreadsheets can be displayed depending on the Method that has been selected for estimating variance components on the Advanced tab. For more information about how the option selected in the Method group box will affect the Summary: Components of variance button results, see Summary: Components of Variance Spreadsheets.