Document Type


Select the STATISTICA document option button in the Insert Workbook Item dialog box (accessible by: Ribbon bar - select the Workbook tab. In the Items group, click Insert. Classic menus - from either the Workbook menu or the Workbook Tree shortcut menu, select Insert) and click the OK button to display the Document Type dialog box.

Use the options in the Document Type dialog box to select either a new, saved, or currently open STATISTICA document and insert it into the current workbook. Once you have selected which type of document to insert, click OK to insert the item. Click Cancel to exit the dialog without inserting any items into the workbook.

Create new. Select the Create new option button to create a new STATISTICA document to insert into the workbook. When you select this option button, available document types will be listed in the Type list box. You can choose from Spreadsheet, Report, or Macro.

Create from file. Select the Create from file option button to insert a previously saved STATISTICA document into the workbook. When you select this option button, a File edit box will be displayed along with a Browse button. Type the complete path of the file you want to include in the File edit box, or click the Browse button and use the Browse dialog to locate the desired file.

Create from window. Select the Create from window option button to insert a currently open STATISTICA document. When you click this option button, a list of all currently open STATISTICA documents will be listed in the Window box. Select the document you want to insert, and click OK.

Result. This text field displays a brief explanation of what results to expect when a specific option is used.

See also, Adding New STATISTICA Documents to a Workbook, Adding a Saved STATISTICA Document to a Workbook, and Adding the Current Item to a Workbook.