How do I add a new ActiveX document to a workbook?

New ActiveX documents (e.g., STATISTICA Spreadsheets and Graphs, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents) are added to the tree via the Insert Workbook Item dialog. To display this dialog, select Insert from the Workbook menu. You can also right-click in the tree and select Insert from the workbook tree shortcut menu or press INSERT on your keyboard. The example below adds a new Word document as a child to the new folder created in Can I add a folder to a workbook?.

Right-click on the New Folder and select Insert from the shortcut menu. Note that you can always move or copy the item to a new location later (using drag-and-drop features), so the exact location is not critical (even for this example). On the Insert Workbook Item dialog, select the ActiveX Document Object option button in the Item box and the As first child option button in the Placement box. Then click the OK button to display the Insert ActiveX Document Object dialog.

You can create your ActiveX document object using a new document or a previously saved document. For this example, select the Create New option button and select Microsoft Word Document in the Object Type box. Note that if you do not have Microsoft Word installed on your computer, you can select any appropriate file type from this box. Finally, click the OK button to add the new document to your workbook.