How do I add a new STATISTICA document to a workbook?

In addition to adding current and previously saved STATISTICA documents to a workbook, you can also add new (blank) documents to a workbook, including spreadsheets, reports, and macros. When the new document is added, you must specify where to place the item in the workbook tree (either as a sibling to or as a child to another item in the workbook) and which type of item to create.

One way to add a new STATISTICA document is to determine an appropriate location in the workbook tree and right-click another item in that location. You can always move or copy the item to a new location later using drag-and-drop features, so the exact location is not critical.

From the workbook tree shortcut menu, select Insert to display the Insert Workbook Item dialog.

Select the STATISTICA Document option button in the Item group box and the tree location (either As last child, As first child, As next sibling, or As prior sibling) option button in the Placement group box. Click the OK button to display the Document type dialog.

Use this dialog to create a new document, locate a previously saved document, or select an open document. For this example, select the Select new option button and select a Spreadsheet, Report, or Macro in the Type box. Then, click the OK button to add the new document to your workbook.