How do I add a saved STATISTICA document to a workbook?

Add a saved STATISTICA document (e.g., a spreadsheet, graph, report, or macro) to a workbook by selecting Insert from the Workbook menu or workbook tree shortcut menu.

For example, to add the Adstudy.sta sample data file to a workbook, open a workbook and click on any item in the workbook tree. Now, press the INSERT key on your keyboard to display the Insert Workbook Item dialog. (You could also select Insert from the Workbook menu or the workbook tree shortcut menu to display this dialog.)

In the Insert Workbook Item dialog, select the STATISTICA Document option button in the Item group box and the As next sibling option button in the Placement group box. Click the OK button to display the Document type dialog.

Select the Create from file option button in the Document type dialog, and then click the Browse button to display the Browse dialog.

Adstudy.sta is located in the Examples/Datasets subfolder of your STATISTICA installation folder. Use the Look in box to locate this file. Double-click on the file to enter it into the File box on the Document type dialog (as shown above). Click the OK button to add the file to your workbook.