How do I add the current item to a workbook?

You can add any STATISTICA object to a workbook including graphs, reports, macros, and spreadsheets. The most direct way to add the current STATISTICA object (i.e., the document that currently has focus) to a workbook is to click the toolbar button. A list of currently available workbooks is displayed; select the one in which to include the item.

You can also add the item to a New Workbook.

By default, the item is appended at the end of the workbook tree one level below the root node (i.e., it is not placed as a sibling to any existing items in the workbook). You can relocate the object using the workbook's extensive drag-and-drop facilities.

You can also add currently open STATISTICA documents to the workbook using the Insert command from either the Workbook menu or the workbook tree shortcut menu. Select Insert to display the Insert Workbook Item dialog, and then select STATISTICA Document in the Item group of the Insert Workbook Item dialog.

Click the OK button in the Insert Workbook Item dialog to display the Document type dialog.

In this dialog, select the Create from window option button and specify which document to add using the Window box. Click the OK button to add the selected document to your workbook. Note that if you want to add all open STATISTICA documents to your workbook, select the All Windows option button on the Insert Workbook Item dialog and then click the OK button.

You can also add currently open ActiveX documents (e.g., Word documents or Excel files) to your workbook using the Clipboard. To add an open Word document, select the entire document (or a portion of it), copy it to the Clipboard (press CTRL+C), and then paste the contents of the Clipboard into the workbook (press CTRL+V or select one of the Paste as Workbook document commands from the Workbook menu). STATISTICA automatically creates the appropriate type of document in the workbook and includes the contents of the Clipboard in that document.