Adding a Folder to a Workbook

You can add as many folders (and levels) to a workbook as desired, a feature that allows you to easily organize all of the items in your workbook. As with all items you can add to a workbook, folders can be inserted either as a sibling or child to current workbook items.

Follow these steps to add a folder as a child to the root folder in your workbook.

  1. With the workbook open, right-click on the first folder in the workbook tree and select Insert from the shortcut menu to display the Insert Workbook Item dialog.

  2. Under Item, select Workbook Folder, and under Placement select As first child. Note the sibling options in the box will be grayed (unavailable) because we are adding an item to the root level of the workbook tree. Click OK and the folder will be added to the workbook tree.

  3. To rename the folder, double-click on the name New Folder, and type in a new name.

Note that options to insert folders are also available from the Workbook menu; see Insert for more details. For information on adding other types of documents and files to workbooks, refer to Adding Items to a Workbook.