Adding a Previously Saved Object to a Workbook

You can add a variety of file types to a workbook, a feature that allows you to easily organize all of the files associated with a topic, whether they are STATISTICA files or other file types. As with all items you can add to a workbook, files can be inserted as a sibling or as a child to current workbook items.

Follow these steps to add a previously saved file as the next sibling to the first item in the current workbook.

  1. Select the first item in the current workbook.

  2. Select Insert from the Workbook menu (or right-click on the first item and select Insert from the shortcut menu) to display the Insert Workbook Item dialog.

  3. Under Item, select ActiveX Document Object, and under Placement select As next sibling. Click OK to display the Insert ActiveX Document Object dialog.

  4. Select the Create from File option button, and then click the Browse button to display the Browse dialog.

  5. Browse your computer using the Look in drop-down list to locate the file you wish to add. Double-click on the file, and it will be entered in the File box on the Insert ActiveX Document Object dialog. Click OK to add the file to your workbook. Note that if you should select a file type that is not supported by this feature, STATISTICA will prompt you to select a different file. For information on supported file types, see the ActiveX Document overview.

For information on adding other types of documents and files to workbooks, refer to Adding Items to a Workbook.