Adding the Current Item to a Workbook

You can add any STATISTICA object to a workbook including graphs, reports, macros, spreadsheets, and statistical analyses.

To add the current STATISTICA object (i.e., the object which currently has focus) to a workbook, click the toolbar button. A list of currently available workbooks will be displayed. You can also choose to add the item to a New Workbook.

By default the item will be appended at the end of the workbook tree one level below the root node (i.e., it will not be placed as a sibling to any existing items in the workbook). You can relocate the object using the workbook's extensive drag-and-drop facilities.

You can also add currently open STATISTICA documents to the workbook using the Insert command from either the Workbook menu or the workbook tree shortcut menu. Simply select Insert, then select the STATISTICA document option button  on the Insert Workbook Item dialog. When the Document type dialog is displayed, select the Create from window option button and specify which document to add using the Window box.

For more information on workbooks and other methods for storing results, see Five Channels for Output from Analyses.