Copy Workbook Document

Select Copy Workbook document from the workbook tree shortcut menu (accessible by right-clicking in the workbook tree area) to copy the highlighted workbook item to the Clipboard. Note that the selected item's children will not be copied to the Clipboard unless you select them as well.

To select the parent and all of its children, press CTRL+SHIFT while clicking on the parent item. To make disjointed selections (i.e., select some of the children, but not all of them), hold down the CTRL key while clicking on each item you want to select. You can also make disjointed selections across nodes using the CTRL key. For more information on making selections in the workbook tree, see How do I select items in the workbook tree?.

Note: Windows meta files do not support transparency and gradients, so to copy a histogram to an application such as PowerPoint, ensure that the transparency and gradient options are off. These options are located in the Graph Options dialog box, Layout tab.