Deleting Items from a Workbook

Options for deleting workbook items are available from the Workbook menu as well as from the workbook tree shortcut menu (accessed by right-clicking in the workbook tree). You can also delete an item by highlighting it and pressing the DELETE button on your keyboard.

Follow these instructions to delete an item from the workbook:

  1. Select any item in the workbook tree (except the root node).

  2. Select Delete from the Workbook menu.

  3. If the STATISTICA Workbook dialog is displayed, verify that you do want to delete the selected item. If you do not want to view this dialog the next time you delete an item, you can turn this prompting dialog off by clearing the Prompt on item delete check box on the Workbook tab of the Options dialog, which is accessible by selecting Options from the Tools menu.

  4. Click Yes to delete the item.

Note that when you delete an item that has children, all of its children will be moved up one level (i.e., to the level of the deleted item) unless you have also selected the children. To select the parent and all of its children, press CTRL+SHIFT while clicking on the parent item. To make discontinuous selections (i.e., select some of the children, but not all of them), hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on each item you want to select. You can also make discontinuous selections across nodes using the SHIFT key. For more information on making selections in the workbook tree, see How do I select items in the workbook tree?.