Using Copy and Paste in a Workbook

In addition to using drag-and-drop features to rearrange workbook items, you can use Copy and Paste functions. Following are the steps to copy an item and paste it as a child to another item.

  1. Right-click on any item in the workbook tree.

  2. Select Copy from the Workbook Tree shortcut menu. This action places a copy of the item on the Clipboard.

  3. Right-click on another item in the workbook tree and select Paste - As a child from the Workbook Tree shortcut menu.

If you want to move the first item (rather than pasting a copy of the item), in step 2, select Cut from the Workbook Tree shortcut menu. Commands for cutting, copying, and pasting are also available from the Workbook menu.

Note that you can copy more than one workbook item to the Clipboard at a time (e.g., either an entire node or perhaps a disjoint selection of items). To select a parent (node) and all of its children, click on the parent item. To make discontinuous selections (i.e., select some of the children, but not all of them), hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on each item you want to select. You can also make discontinuous selections across nodes using the SHIFT key. For more information on making selections in the workbook tree, see How do I select items in the workbook tree?.