Input Spreadsheet Overview

With STATISTICA, you can open and use many spreadsheets at the same time, allowing you to work with several different input data files simultaneously. In addition to storing data, STATISTICA uses spreadsheets to display the numeric output from its analyses and other types of data (e.g., multimedia objects, scripts, links). Because STATISTICA makes no distinction in the features supported for an input spreadsheet (from which STATISTICA retrieves its data) and an output spreadsheet (where the results of an analysis are displayed), it is easy to use the results of one analysis as input data for further analyses.

Any spreadsheet opened from a disk file is automatically treated as an input spreadsheet, and any number of input spreadsheets can be open at a time. To avoid confusion, however, an output spreadsheet (containing the results of an analysis) is not automatically available as input data for analysis. It must first be designated as an input spreadsheet before being used for further analyses. Additionally, input spreadsheets report the number of variables and cases for that spreadsheet in the title bar.

For example, Exp.sta (8v by 48c) is an input spreadsheet:

Exp.sta is not:

To designate an output spreadsheet as an input spreadsheet, select the spreadsheet (i.e., ensure the spreadsheet has the focus), and select Input Spreadsheet from the Data menu. Now you can begin an analysis, and STATISTICA will use the data from the specified input spreadsheet for the analysis. Note that if you switch back to another spreadsheet that has previously been designated as an input spreadsheet, it can still be used for analyses as well.

In a workbook, only one spreadsheet can be selected for analysis at a time, even if the workbook contains several input spreadsheets. This spreadsheet is called the Active Input spreadsheet, and its icon (in the workbook tree) is framed in red.

By default, when an output spreadsheet is designated as an input spreadsheet, STATISTICA automatically selects it as the Active Input spreadsheet. To select another input spreadsheet for active input, right-click on that node and select Use as active input or select Use as active input from the Workbook menu or the workbook tree shortcut menu.

It is also possible to leave a stand-alone spreadsheet open but designate it as unavailable for analysis. To do this, select the spreadsheet, and deselect (click) the Input Spreadsheet command on the Data menu. Now STATISTICA automatically defaults to the most recently selected input spreadsheet for analysis, ignoring all spreadsheets that are not designated as input spreadsheets.