Multi Item Display Overview

The Workbook Multi Item Display can be enabled and the settings can be modified via the Multi Item Display Settings dialog (accessible from the Workbook menu) or from the Workbook tab of the Options dialog.

With Multi Item Display enabled, click a folder in the STATISTICA Workbook tree view to display all the immediate children of the workbook folder in the STATISTICA Workbook Folder Display Grid. Here you can quickly see all results in one view.

As items are inserted, deleted, or moved in the workbook tree view, the corresponding changes will be reflected in the grid. If there are more items than can be displayed in the grid at its current size, then horizontal and/or vertical scrollbars will be displayed as appropriate to enable all the workbook items to be seen.

The grid can be printed by selecting Print Active Item from the File menu or by selecting Print Preview from the File menu and then clicking the Print button on the preview screen. You can also save a PDF rendering of the folder by selecting Save As PDF from the File menu. Headers and footers can be added to the grid printout, as they can for other workbook items, on the Workbook Page Setup dialog (accessed by selecting Workbook Page Setup from the File menu or by clicking the Header/Footer button on the print preview screen).

To copy an item from the grid, click on the grid item to select it. You can select multiple items using standard keyboard conventions (i.e., by pressing the CTRL key). You can either right-click on the grid item and select Copy Multi-Item Display Selections from the shortcut menu, right-click on a folder and select Multi-Item Display - Copy from the shortcut menu (the option is available only when an item or multiple items are selected in the multi-item display grid), or select Copy from the Workbook - Multi-Item Display submenu. The item can then be pasted into any application that can accept RTF data, or if Microsoft Word is installed, the item can be pasted into any application that can accept HTML data.

You can activate a STATISTICA Grid item by double-clicking on it. The item becomes "in-place active," and interactive options, such as accessing the Graph Options dialog, or entering values in a spreadsheet cell, will be available. The item is deactivated when the mouse is clicked outside the active-item area. When a grid item is in-place activated and modified, changes to the item will be reflected in the corresponding workbook item it represents. The reverse is also true. If you make a change to a workbook item, the grid item is also updated.

Foreign ActiveX documents, such as Microsoft Word or Excel, will be displayed in the grid just as native STATISTICA documents are (although they cannot be in-place activated). Workbook items that are not direct children of a workbook folder are not displayed in this mode; i.e., a spreadsheet that is a child of a spreadsheet will not be displayed in the grid.