Saving a Workbook

To save a workbook that has not already been saved, select Save from the File menu (or click the toolbar button) to display the Save As dialog.

Use the Save in drop-down box to locate the folder in which you want to save the workbook. If you need to create a new folder, click the Create New Folder button.

Type a name for the workbook in the File name box. In the Save as type box, you can select either STATISTICA Workbook Files (*.stw) to save as the current version, STATISTICA Workbook 6 (*.stw) to save as version 6, or Web Page (*.htm; *.html). (Note that if you save as version 6, close the workbook, and reopen it in a later version, it will revert to the later version STATISTICA Workbook file type.) Once you have specified the name, location, and file type of the workbook, click the Save button.

Note. When saving a spreadsheet (in a workbook) that contains more than 10,000 cells as type Web Page (*.htm; *.html), the number of cases in the saved spreadsheet will be truncated so that the number of cells is less than 10,000. This is because the large HTML spreadsheets take a long time to display and are difficult to use.

When saving as a Web page, an interactive Web page will be created that contains all of the embedded documents from your workbook. An expandable tree is displayed on the left-hand side that you can use to explore these documents.

See also, Opening a Workbook and Printing a Workbook.