Canonical Analysis Results - Canonical Scores Tab

Canonical Analysis

Select the Canonical scores tab of the Canonical Analysis Results dialog box to access the options described here.

Left & right set canonical weights. Click the Left & right set canonical weights button to display a spreadsheet with the canonical weights for each set. These weights can be used to compute the canonical scores for each canonical root, for each set of variables. Note that the weights pertain to the standardized (i.e., z transformed) variables in each set. The canonical weights may also be used in the interpretation of the canonical roots.

Save canonical scores. Click the Save canonical scores button to display the standard variable selection dialog box. Select the variables and click the OK button to display the variables together with the canonical scores in a standard STATISTICA spreadsheet (shown in an individual window, regardless of the settings in the Options dialog box - Output Manager tab or the Analysis/Graph Output Manager dialog box). Note that the Save canonical scores button is available only if a raw data file is specified in the Canonical Analysis Startup Panel.