Dell Statistica Help

DellTM StatisticaTM Help provides comprehensive reference information on all procedures, facilities, and options of the Statistica application. While you are working in Statistica, you can access help in various ways.

Click the Help button in the upper-right corner of the application to access the Help.

Navigate through the Help by using the Table of Contents tab, Index tab, and Search tab. Save your most used topics via the Favorites tab.

The Statistica analysis and graph dialog boxes include a Help button located in the upper-right corner. Click the button to display the topic corresponding to the tab selected, i.e., a topic describing all the options on that tab.

Ribbon bar. Select the File tab. In the left pane, click Help/Support. The right pane contains the options described below.

Classic menus. On the Help menu, you can access the options described below.

  • Under the Help heading, click Help (ribbon bar) or select Statistica Help (classic menus) to display the table of contents of the Statistica Help. Note that Statistica Enterprise Help is available via Enterprise Manager. Operators (who don't have access to Enterprise Manager) should see their Enterprise administrator for additional help.

  • Click Index to display a searchable index of Help topics.

  • Click Glossary to display the Statistica Help Glossary.

  • Click Statistical Advisor for direct access to the Statistical Advisor Help topics.

  • Click Quick Reference Guide to display a .pdf file of the Statistica Quick Reference manual.

  • Click Electronic Statistics Textbook to display the award-winning Electronic Statistics Textbook.

  • Click Open Examples to display the Open a Statistica Data File dialog box, where you can access the data files used in Statistica examples.

  • Click R Integration (ribbon bar) or select R Integration White Paper (classic menus) to display a white paper that describes integration options with R functionality in Statistica.

  • Click Scorecard to display a .pdf file of the Developing Scorecards Using Statistica Scorecard Tutorial.

  • Under the Support heading, click Technical Support to display the Technical Support topic.

  • Click Register to register your installation of Statistica via the web-based registration portal.

  • Under the About Statistica heading, click More Details (ribbon bar) or select More Details (classic menus) to display the About Statistica dialog box, which contains your product serial number and release version.

Following are links to useful Help topics:

Elementary Concepts in Statistics

Options for Customizing Statistica

Advanced Linear/Nonlinear Models

Multivariate Exploratory Techniques

General Linear Models

Cluster Analysis

Generalized Linear/Nonlinear Models

Factor Analysis

Stepwise Model Builder

Principal Components & Classification Analysis

Logistic Regression

  Canonical Analysis

Cox Regression

Reliability/Item Analysis

Linear Regression

Classification Trees

 General Regression Models

  Correspondence Analysis

General Partial Least Squares Models

Multidimensional Scaling

 NIPALS Algorithm (PCA/PLS)

Discriminant Analysis

Variance Components

General Discriminant Analysis Models

Survival Analysis

Power Analysis

Cox Proportional Hazards Models

Statistica Automated Neural Networks

Nonlinear Estimation

PLS, PCA, Multivariate/Batch SPC

 Fixed Nonlinear Regression

Variance Estimation and Precision

Log-Linear Analysis of Frequency Tables


Time Series/Forecasting


Structural Equation Modeling


Data Miner Recipes

Data Mining Workspaces (cont.)

General Classification/Regression Tree Models

General Classifier (Trees and Clusters)

General CHAID Models

Quick Linear Models Project

Interactive Trees (C&RT, CHAID)

Advanced Comprehensive Classifiers Project

Boosted Tree Classifiers and Regression

Build Your Own Project

Random Forests for Regression and Classification

General Modeler and Multivariate Explorer

Generalized Additive Models

Quick Linear Models Project

MARSplines (Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines)

Advanced Comprehensive Regression Models Project

Cluster Analysis (Generalized EM, k-Means & Tree)

Build Your Own Project

STATISTICA Automated Neural Networks

General Forecaster

Machine Learning (Bayesian, Support Vectors, K-Nearest)

Neural Network Time Series Project

  Independent Components Analysis

Build Your Own Project

Text & Document Mining

General Neural Network Explorer

FileWeb Crawling, Document Retrieval

Multilayer Perceptrons Project

Association Rules

Advanced Multiple Architecture Project

Sequence, Association, and Link Analysis

Build Your Own Project

Rapid Deployment of Predictive Models (PMML)

Process Optimization

Goodness of Fit, Classification, Prediction

Root Cause Analysis

Feature Selection and Variable Screening

Response Optimization for Data Mining Models

Optimal Binning for Predictive Data Mining

General Optimization

Weight of Evidence


Data Mining Workspaces

QC Charts

All Procedures

Quality Control Charts

General Slicer/Dicer Explorer with Drill-Down

Multivariate Quality Control

Interactive Drill Down

Quality Control Charts for Variable Lists

Build Your Own Project

  Predictive Quality Control


Advanced Database Access Tools