Standard Regression CHAID with Deployment

Full implementation of standard CHAID algorithm (General Chi-square Automatic Interaction Detector) for predicting a continuous dependent variable based on continuous and categorical predictors; builds an optimal tree structure to predict continuous dependent variables via V-fold crossvalidation (optional). Various observational statistics (predicted values) can be requested as an option.


Detail of computed results reported. Specifies the detail of computed results; if Minimal results are requested, then only the final tree will be displayed; if Comprehensive detail is requested, then various other statistical summaries are reported as well; if All results are requested, then various node statistics and graphs are also. Note that observational statistics (predicted values) are available as an option.

Minimum n per node. Specifies the minimum number of observations per node.

Maximum number of nodes. Specifies the maximum number of nodes.

p value for splitting. p value used for splitting.

p value for merging. p value used for merging.

Bonferroni adjustment. Applies Bonferroni adjustment to probabilities.

Splitting after merging. Specifies splitting after merging of categories.

Computes predicted values. Computes observational statistics, including predicted values.

Generate data source, if N for input less than. Generates a data source for further analyses with other Data Miner nodes if the input data source has fewer than k observations, as specified in this edit field; note that parameter k (number of observations) will be evaluated against the number of observations in the input data source, not the number of valid or selected observations.

V-Fold Crossvalidation

V-fold crossvalidation. Performs V-fold crossvalidation; in V-fold crossvalidation random samples are generated from the learning sample; note that in data mining applications with large data sets, V-fold crossvalidation may require significant computing time.

Number of folds (sets). Specifies the number of folds (sets, random samples) for V-fold crossvalidation.

Random number seed. Specifies the random number seed for V-fold crossvalidation (for generating the random samples).

Deployment. Deployment is available if the Statistica installation is licensed for this feature.

Generates C/C++ code. Generates C/C++ code for deployment of predictive model.

Generates SVB code. Generates Statistica Visual Basic code for deployment of predictive model.

Generates PMML code. Generates PMML (Predictive Models Markup Language) code for deployment of predictive model. This code can be used via the Rapid Deployment options to efficiently compute predictions for (score) large data sets.