Residual Analysis

Multiple Regression - Computational Approach

Click the Perform residual analysis button on the Multiple Regression Results - Residuals/assumptions/prediction tab to display the Residual Analysis dialog. This dialog contains eight tabs: Quick, Advanced, Residuals, Predicted, Scatterplots, Probability plots, Outliers, and Save. Note that this dialog is only available if you choose Raw Data as your Input file on the Multiple Linear Regression Startup Panel - Advanced tab.

Note: residuals in weighted least squares analyses. In a weighted least squares regression analysis, the residuals that are shown in spreadsheets and graphs will always be unweighted residuals (computed for the current weighted least squares regression analysis parameter estimates).

Note: All residual plots and spreadsheets are unlimited/user-limited as defined by the Maximum number of rows (cases) in a single results Spreadsheet or Graph box on the Residual Analysis - Advanced tab. Also, when Pairwise deletion is selected in the MD deletion group box in the Startup Panel, the program will substitute any missing values with the respective means in the computations for predicted and residual values (and related statistics).

Summary Box. The Summary box at the top of the dialog summarizes information about the multiple regression analysis. See the Multiple Regression Results dialog for further details.

Copy button. Click the Copy button to copy either the selected text (if text has been selected) in the Summary box or all of the text (if no text has been selected) to the Clipboard. Note that the copied text retains formatting information (such as font, color, etc.).

Contract/Expand button. Click the Contract/Expand button to contract or expand the Summary box. When contracted, you can see only one line of the Summary box text and can scroll through the text using a scroll bar. Note that when contracted the text is scrolled so that the first non-blank line is at the top. When expanded (the default setting), the entire Summary box will be displayed on the Residual Analysis dialog.

Summary. Click the Summary button to display a spreadsheet with various statistics (types of residuals) for each observation. For a detailed description of the available statistics, see Residuals and predicted values.

Cancel. Click the Cancel button to close the dialog without performing an analysis and return to either the Multiple Linear Regression Startup Panel or the Model Definition dialog.

Options. Click the Options button to display the Options menu.