2-Way ANOVA Effects Calculation

Click the Calculate Effects button on either the 2-Way ANOVA: Power Calculation Parameters dialog box or the 2-Way ANOVA: Sample Size Parameters dialog box to display the 2-Way ANOVA Effects Calculation dialog box. In this dialog box, enter hypothetical group means and the standard deviation common to all groups. STATISTICA automatically calculates the measures of overall effect necessary to calculate power. Alternatively, if you want to "think metric-free" about the problem, enter a standard deviation of 1 (the default value) and enter "standardized effects" in the Population Means box.

Spreadsheet. Use the options under Spreadsheet to create or open spreadsheets.

Create. Click the Create button to create a spreadsheet with the current values of the means and Sigma.

Open. Click the Open button to display a standard file selection dialog box to open a previously saved spreadsheet in which group means and Sigma have been recorded. This spreadsheet should be one previously saved in this menu or formatted in the same style. The spreadsheet opens in a separate window, and its contents are read into the appropriate fields of the Population Means group and the Sigma field. If a spreadsheet with the inappropriate format is opened, unpredictable results occur.

The 2-Way ANOVA Effects Calculation dialog box has an "automatic resizing" capability. If you open a spreadsheet whose number of rows and/or columns is different from the numbers currently specified, the grid in the Population Means box resizes automatically, and the No. of Rows and No. of Columns fields are adjusted.

Clipboard. Use the options in this box to copy values to or paste values from the Clipboard.

Copy. Click the Copy button to copy the group means and Sigma to the Clipboard.  

Paste. Click the Paste button to copy an array from the Clipboard to the group means. This function also has an "automatic resizing" capability, so that if the number of rows or columns in the array on the Clipboard does not match the current size of the grid, the grid is resized automatically to accommodate the array.

Sigma. Enter a value for the population standard deviation in the Sigma box. Alternatively, you can "think metric free" by (1) entering a standard deviation of 1 in this field, and (2) entering values for the population means in standardized effect units.

Population Means. In the Population Means box, STATISTICA displays a number of fields determined by the number of rows and columns entered in the 2-Way ANOVA:Power Calculation Parameters dialog box. As you enter hypothetical group means into these fields, the Effect Measures are automatically updated and displayed.

Effect Measures. The Effect Measures box presents measures of overall effect size that are recalculated automatically as means or Sigma are altered. These include, for row, column, and interaction effects, separate measures of RMSSE and f.