SEPATH Wizard - Select Wizard

Click the Path wizards button on either tab of the Structural Equation Modeling Startup Panel or the Model tab of the Monte Carlo Analysis dialog box to display the SEPATH Wizard - Select Wizard dialog box. The Path Wizards are a preprogrammed sequence of dialog boxes that take you, step by step, through the construction of the most common kinds of structural models. The wizards do most of the work, and they structure the problem for you so that the chances of making a mistake in specifying a model are greatly reduced. Two wizards are implemented in this version of the Structural Equation Modeling module.  

 Confirmatory factor analysis. Select the Confirmatory factor analysis option button to launch the Confirmatory Factor Analysis Wizard. Confirmatory factor analysis models are just like ordinary common factor models, except that some factor loadings and factor intercorrelations can be constrained to be equal to each other or to zero. This allows statistical testing of preconceived notions about the general form of the factor pattern. The Confirmatory Factor Analysis Wizard allows you to construct any confirmatory factor model in just a few seconds, so long as the model has 8 common factors or less. Most models encountered in practice fall in this category. Larger models can be constructed, with a bit more effort, using the generalized Path Construction Tool. For more details on this wizard, see Confirmatory Factor Analysis Wizard.

 Structural modeling. Select the Structural modeling option button to launch the Structural Modeling Wizard. Many structural equation models can be thought of as two factor models linked by a multiple regression model. Indeed, the classic LISREL model formulation for structural equations is based on this idea. For more details on this wizard (and model type), see Structural Modeling Wizard.

OK. Click the OK button to proceed to the next dialog box in the selected wizard.

Cancel. Click the Cancel button to exit the path wizard.