Structural Modeling - Define Structural Equation Paths

Click the Structural Modeling option button in the SEPATH Wizard - Select Wizard dialog box to launch the Structural Modeling Wizard. Use the Structural Modeling Wizard - Define Structural Equation Paths dialog box to define structural paths by selecting from a From list and a To list.  

Variables. Use the From and To lists to define structural paths. The From list will contain all the latent variables. The To list will automatically contain the endogenous latent variables, and only those variables. When you click the Add button, all paths from the From variables to the To variables will be generated.

Add >>. Click the Add >> button to create paths according to the currently created options. The new paths will appear immediately in the Paths box. If you don't like them, delete them with the Cut button (see below).

Paths. Use the buttons in the Paths group box to change and/or reorganize the paths already created. These paths are listed in the Paths box on the right side of the dialog box.

Cut. Click the Cut button to delete the highlighted paths and place them on the Clipboard.

Paste. Click Paste button to paste the current contents of the Clipboard into the Paths box after the current cursor position.

Copy. Click the Copy button to place a copy of the currently highlighted material on the Clipboard.

Parameters. Use the options in the Parameters group box to control if, and how, free parameter numbers are inserted in the paths you create.

Include. Select the Include check box to include a free parameter in the path. The number will be the current value in the Par # field (see below).

Increment. Select the Increment check box to increase the free parameter value in the Par # field (see below) by 1 after each parameter number is added to a path.

Par #. Specify the parameter number to be added to the next path (if the Include check box is selected) in the Par # box. When the Path Construction Tool is first activated, this value is set equal to one more than the highest parameter number currently in the active model.

Start Value. Use the options under Start Value to control whether a start value is added to a path, and what value is added.

Include. Select the Include check box to add a start value to each path.

Value. Specify the start value in the Value box.