Structural Modeling Wizard

Many structural equation models can be thought of as two factor models linked by a multiple regression model. Indeed, the classic LISREL model formulation for structural equations is based on this idea.  

If we envision "causal flow" in the path diagram as going from left to right, we have a confirmatory factor, or "measurement" model for one set of exogenous latent variables on the left, a second confirmatory factor, or "measurement" model for a set of endogenous latent variables on the right. In the center is a "structural model," a multiple regression with arrows pointing to the endogenous latent variables from exogenous latent variables (or possibly from other endogenous latent variables).

A general structural model fitting this description actually consists of 3 models - two factor models and a regression model. In keeping with this idea, the Structural Model Wizard takes you, step by step, through the process of generating these 3 models.

1. Structural Equation Modeling Wizard - Define Exogenous Factors;

2. Structural Equation Modeling Wizard -  Define Endogenous Factors; and

3. Structural Equation Modeling Wizard - Define Structural Equation Paths.

For information on the other Wizards implemented in this version of the Structural Modeling module, see Confirmatory Factor Analysis Wizard.