Comparing Survival in Multiple Groups, Results - Quick Tab

Comparing Samples

Select the Quick tab of the Comparing Survival in Multiple Groups, Results dialog box to access options to choose a spreadsheet or graph in which to display the results of the analysis, as described below.

Summary: Survival times & scores. Click the Summary: Survival times & scores button to display a spreadsheet with all survival times (note that censored observations are marked by a + sign) and the scores (computed according to Mantel's procedure; see Mantel, 1967) used for the computation of the test statistic.

Cumulative proportion surviving (Kaplan-Meier) by group. Click the Cumulative proportions surviving (Kaplan-Meier) by group button to display a graph of the cumulative survival function, that is, a plot of cumulative survival across time for each group. In this plot, the observed survival times are indicated by circles, and the censored observations are marked as crosses.