Regression Model Estimation - Estimation Tab

Select the Estimation tab of the Regression Model Estimation dialog box to access options to set the parameters for the regression model estimation.

Maximum number of iterations. Use the Maximum number of iterations field (and the accompanying microscrolls) to specify the estimation of the maximum likelihood parameters. Note that the default is 50.

Convergence criterion. Use the Convergence criterion field (and the accompanying microscrolls) to specify the convergence criterion. The iterative estimation procedure will terminate when either the maximum number of iterations has been exceeded, or when the change in the parameter estimates from iteration to iteration does not exceed the convergence criterion. The smaller the value of the convergence criterion, the more iterations will be performed by STATISTICA (within the limits of the maximum number of iterations).

Start values. Click the Start values button to display the Specify Start Values dialog box, where you can specify parameter values to be used in the first iteration of the parameter estimation procedure. Note that this button is only available if the Proportional hazard (Cox) regression Model was requested on the Regression Models for Censored Data dialog box - Quick tab or if you have clicked OK in the Proportional Hazard Model with Time-Dependent Covariates dialog box.