Regression Results - Quick Tab

Regression Models

Select the Quick tab of the Regression Results dialog box to access options to view the parameter estimates and the results of the stratified analysis.

Conf. Level. Enter the value to be used for constructing confidence limits for the parameter estimates and the risk or hazard ratio in the Conf. Level field. By default, 95% confidence limits will be constructed.

Summary: Parameter estimates. Click the Summary: Parameter estimates button to display a spreadsheet with parameter estimates, their standard errors, confidence intervals, the ratio of the parameter estimates divided by their standard errors (under the heading t-value), the exponentiation of the parameter estimate (also called the risk ratio or hazard ratio), the confidence interval for the risk ratio, and the Wald statistic (which for large samples has a Chi-square distribution under the null hypothesis that the coefficient is equal to 0). Note that the standard errors (and t-values) are computed from the second order partial derivatives of the log-likelihood function, resulting in asymptotic standard errors (and t-values) for the parameters.

Stratified analysis. Click the Stratified analysis button to display a spreadsheet with the results of the stratified analysis; specifically, the spreadsheet will show the sum of the log-likelihoods of the model, fitted within each group, and the log-likelihood of the model fitted to all observations combined. In order to examine the parameter estimates for a particular group, specify the appropriate case selection conditions (i.e., select only cases belonging to the group of interest), and then fit the respective model in the usual manner. Note that this button is only available if a stratified analysis (analysis by groups) was requested on the Regression Models for Censored Data dialog box - Quick tab or the Proportional Hazard Model with Time-Dependent Covariates dialog box - Quick tab (i.e., a grouping variable has been selected) and if the Equal coefficients, different baseline h0 (in stratified analysis) check box on the Regression Models for Censored Data dialog box - Options tab is not selected.