Specify Start Values

Click the Start values button on the Regression Model Estimation dialog box - Estimation tab to display the Specify Start Values dialog box. An iterative procedure is used to estimate the parameters for the Cox's proportional hazard regression model.

Use the options in this dialog box to specify the individual start values for each parameter or one common value for all parameters that are to be used in the first iteration of the computations.

Individual Start Values. The entry fields at the center of the dialog box list the parameters currently in the model. You can change the start values for each of these parameters individually in the appropriate field or specify a common start value in the Common Value field.

OK. Click the OK button to accept the specified start values and return to the Regression Model Estimation dialog box.

Cancel. Click the Cancel button to return to the Regression Model Estimation dialog, ignoring any changes that you have made on this dialog.

Common Value. Use the Common Value field (and the accompanying microscrolls) to specify a start value that will be used for each of the parameters.

Apply. Click the Apply button to copy the start value that you entered in the Common Value field to the individual start values fields.