Survival Analysis Examples - Overview and Data File

Overview and Data File. The first four examples are based on a data set reported by Crowley and Hu (1977) pertaining to the survival of heart transplant patients. The data are included in the example data file Heart.sta. Open this data file via the File - Open Examples menu; it is in the Datasets folder.

The first six variables in this data set are dates, that is, the date of the heart transplant (in the order month-day-year) and the date when the respective patient either died or dropped out of the study (could no longer be contacted). Variable Censored is the censoring indicator variable with the codes that identify whether a respective time represents an observation that is completely specified or a censored observation (0-Complete; 1-Censored). The variable Hospital is a (fictitious) grouping variable which identifies to which one of three different hospitals a respective case belongs.  

Instead of recording the dates in six variables (month, day, and year for the beginning of the respective observation and month, day, and year representing the termination of the observation), you can enter the survival time in one variable or enter the beginning and ending dates in two separate variables (see below).

Refer to Spreadsheet Display Formats for information on date and time representation in STATISTICA.

Example 1: Actuarial Life Table